Cathy Duplantis Bible Study

The Place

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The Place Church is thrilled to invite you to this powerful Bible Study.

Free Coffee &
Free Desserts
At the conclusion of this Bible Study you will receive a free copy of Cathy Duplantis's book,
"Keeping A Clean Heart"

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You Are Important! "Are you so busy tending to others that you often neglect yourself? In this powerful message, you'll learn that your spiritual development is like a garden. You require regular examination in order to grow and bloom in life!

God is the Best Friend you'll ever have, and developing a stronger relationship with Him will help you to discover the joy of
cultivation your relationship with God and thereby improve and empower your inner self. You'll find out how to eliminate the wrong things, enforce the right things, and grow strong in the Lord!" Cathy Duplantis

About Cathy Duplantis

Cathy Duplantis is an anointed, fiery, ordained preacher of the Gospel. Cathy works alongside her husband, Jesse Duplantis, in the ministry. Licensed to minister since 1984, Cathy is dedicated to living by faith and teaching others to do the same. Her mix of Bible-based teachings and comical illustrations help many to discover the practical spiritual steps necessary for successful Christian Living.
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