Outreaches Jesus Is Wonderful

It's All About Souls

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Outreaches Jesus Is Wonderful

It's All About Souls

Christian Paintball by Hart To Heart Ministries and The Place Church in Hamilton, Montana The Giveaway at The Place Church in Hamilton, Montana


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Youth Arise Outreach with Michelle Haynie of Hart To Heart Ministries and The Place Church.

All of my life, I have traveled extensively with my family preaching the Gospel. I have ministered in the presence of heads of states and denominations, on national and international television, as well as ministered and danced to thousands. I desire to deliver freedom, blessing and inspiration to each person that I will encounter. I am a preacher and teacher of the Word of God, that has been trained by JSMI for the last two years, as well as by my parents, Rev. Mike and Denise Echterling, of Hart to Heart Ministries.

Bringing the power of God to this last day generation has been the mandate of my heart for over 12 years. My parents and I have inundated the United States and Canada with the living Word of God and dynamic demonstrations of the Holy Spirit and power.

I desire to tell everyone the wonderful news of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and encourage others to believe in Him as their Lord and Savior. I desire to lead the people of God to a greater knowledge of and deeper relationship with the Lord by feeding them the Word of God and shepherding their hearts. I also desire to share with the unsaved how to find real life and true freedom in Christ. I have recognized that my call is to change the world with the Gospel by walking in honor, love, power, and authority. I am licensed and ordained through JSMI and the Heritage of Faith Christian Center Ministerial Association and have received a degree in Christian Ministry through Regent University.

It is my desire to equip people to become intimate with the heartbeat of Jesus—how He feels and what He thinks. I have been called and equipped, through my life experience, to minister to people of different cultural, social and economic backgrounds and I have also attained a single minded focus of my witness in Jesus Christ, and the Word of God.

The Outreaches of Hart To Heart Ministries and The Place Church are a great way for the people in the community of Hamilton, Montana and the surrounding area to hear the Good News!
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Youth Arise with Jesse Haynie

I was born into the Christian family of James and Jodi Haynie, who also have an older daughter (Ashlin) and two younger sons (Russell and Garrett). My dad, James, was an outfitter, so I grew up with a natural love for the outdoors and hunting.

I accepted Jesus as my Savior at the age of 7 in my grandmothers basement, and my pastor said, "Jesse is going to be the preacher of the Haynie family." God was already revealing His calling for my life.

While growing up, I had difficulty in reading and learning. I even grew up with a stuttering problem that was compounded when I had to speak in front of people or even read in class. As a senior in high school, I thought I had my future figured out. I was going to build bridges for a construction company, make lots of money, enjoy my toys and live happily ever after doing my own agenda. In June of 2010, Hart to Heart Ministries held a meeting in Lewistown, Montana. It was during that meeting, that my life has changed ever since.

That life-changing moment has caused me to have a passion for learning and preaching God’s Holy Word and seeing people come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I no longer stutter when speaking and I have excelled and graduated from JSMI two-year bible school in October 2012. In addition, I am licensed and ordained through the Heritage of Faith Christian Center Ministerial Association.

My call to the ministry has been a chain of experiences that has brought me to my current understanding of God’s call in my life. I knew that God had called me from building bridges to building a bridge from the heart of God to His children. After the Echterling’s of Hart to Heart Ministries came to my church, I heard God clearly speak to me and I knew that I was called to the nations.

Through JSMI and Hart to Heart Ministries, I have ministered in whatever capacity that is needed. Because of the training of the Echterling's and my two years at JSMI, I have learned how to reach out into the community to share the love of Jesus effectively and share how others can also have an intimate relationship with Jesus.

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