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Denise Echterling of Hart To Heart Ministries
Denise is the daughter of the late Dr. Richard Hartmann & Barbara Hartmann of Mobile, Alabama. Her parents had been told they could not have children, but praise to God, in the tenth year of their marriage, their prayers were answered and Denise was born into their Christian home.

Denise, at the age of seven made her decision to follow Jesus Christ and make Him the Lord of her life. Denise recognized the call on her life, and since that day she has been proclaiming Jesus Christ to others through her life, her words, and especially her songs and the books she has authored.

As Denise matured both physically and spiritually, she was led into a more meaningful experience in her personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This was the beginning of her ministry being blessed and its expansion into North America as well as into some foreign countries. It is only because of the hand of God upon our lives do we see God's favor and blessing to go and preach the Good News to people.

Denise sings with the love of the Lord, not only in her heart, but God's love is transmitted through her beautiful voice into your heart. Years of dedicated living and training allows the blessing of the Lord to reach people of all ages and backgrounds, and assist them in a deeper more meaningful relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

With her husband Mike and their daughter Michelle they have flown from one end of North America to the other preaching, teaching, and singing in revival services in churches and Christian TV programs. Hart to Heart Ministries is about winning souls to the Kingdom of God. Denise Hartmann-Echterling has just one motive... to share her heart with people. It is a heart that is full of love for God and it is a heart that is full of love for people.
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While at Black Hills State University, Mike received Jesus as his personal Lord and Saviour. During this time, Mike completed his degree in eduction and went on to graduate from a three year Bible School, Shiloh Training Institute in Hamilton, Montana, founded by Maryiann Sitton.

These years of Biblical studies and a strong prayer life equipped Mike to be an instructor at Shiloh. Mike Echterling taught classes on the Book of Romans, Matthew, Acts, and on topics such as Prayer and Faith, and the Parables of Christ. Near the end of his fourth year of teaching at Shiloh, Mike Echterling was sent to the airport to chauffer the guest evangelist, Denise Hartmann that flew in to minister a week long conference to the students. Little did he realize the profound effect this would have on his life. Ten months later he told Denise the life changing words, "I do, " after being in her presence a total of only 13 days. Soon after their marriage, Mike and Denise Hartmann-Echterling served as Pastors for a local church for ten years.

During Mike Echterling's time as a pastor, he cried out in his heart for more of God. Many in the church saw a great transformation and called Mike a "new man". Our holy, loving God simply put His hand on Mike and made him a minister, that is a flame of fire, that desires to know Jesus more each day.

Hart To Heart Ministries ℠ with Mike and Denise Hartmann-Echterling have ministered in Conferences, Seminars, and churches throughout America, Canada and several other nations.

Mike and Denise Hartmann-Echterling's heart is to see people give their heart's to Jesus. To see them make Jesus the Lord of their lives, to see families restored and to see entire communities and cities touched by the power of the Holy Spirit and the heart of God's unending love and God's great grace found only in Jesus Christ.
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Michelle and Jesse travel with Mike and Denise, as well as, Pastor at "The Place." Traveling has been Michelle's life style since the age of 6 and Jesse joined Hart to Heart Ministries full-time in 2010.

Both Jesse and Michelle have ministered in Youth Conference, Revivals, and all kinds of different church services. Their love for people allow them to reach all ages, and the determination of their hearts is to see a World Changed by the power of a real and living God.

Michelle is a trained dancer and shares her talent of dance with congregations and seminars. She teaches various types of dance and she desires that others - both young and older - pursue worship, not only in dance, but in songs as well. Jesse is a skilled archer and shares this gift with ages, both male and female.

Michelle graduated with a degree in Christian Ministry from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Both Jesse and Michelle are graduates of Jerry Savelle's School of Ministry and are licensed and ordained by JSMI (Dr. Jerry Savelle's Ministry) and Heritage of Faith Church in Crowley, Texas.

Michelle and Jesse desires to reach out to the lost and dying and for all ages to know that by having a Greater and deeper knowledge of Jesus will allow a victories life.
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Mike, Denise, Jesse & Michelle flows with all their hearts, in the fruit of the Spirit and God has gifted them in order to bring the liberty purchased for The Body of Christ through the cross of Christ.

Mike and Denise served as pastors for ten years and have traveled as evangelist for over 14 years. They have also ministered for the 700 Club, PTL and TBN Networks, 100 Huntley Street, TV 38 Chicago, The New Jim Bakker Show, Ron Hembree and others.

Denise ministers in conferences, seminars, and revival services and has had many TV appearances with Sandi Patti, Carmen, Paul Smith, Truth, Rosey Grier, Nancy Harman, Philip Cameron, "Big" John Hall, Len Mink, Archie Dennis, Benny Hinn, Steve Munsy and C.M. Ward.

Hart To Heart Ministries ℠ was incorporated in 1982 and is a 501(3)c nonprofit ministry.

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